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See Your Light, Love Your Light!

Welcome to the home of the fascinating True Mirror®, one of the most interesting and unique items you will ever see - a mirror that reflects you as others see you!
Simple idea - take two mirrors and place them at right angles - yet profound in the implications it has for our sense of self and our self-image. First patented in 1887, the idea of a true image mirror still was never seen as more than a curiosity until a surprising effect was discovered by founder John Walter. What he saw was recognition - the person in the mirror looked and felt right, and matched his sense of what others were seeing. In contrast, the flat, traditional mirror felt false and conveyed a host of inner thoughts that were in direct contrast to the way he was feeling. in other words, his real self was present in the true image.

The True Mirror®, made here in Accord, NY, also solves one of the biggest issues with this kind of mirror - perfect optics. The True Mirror presents a non-distorted, seamless image - critical for seeing into your eyes as they really are! In fact, if you want to get an idea of what a true image mirror looks like, hold two mirrors at exactly 90 degrees and look into the angle. Hold writing up to confirm it is not backwards. Now envision the same without the distracting line in the center and you have a True Mirror!

Grand Illusions, our Eurozone distributor, made a great video to show the effects of the True Mirror

For all of our history, when people think they see themselves, they are always seeing themselves reflected backwards. Recently, with cameras and video, they can get a sense of what they look like forwards, but its a static or non-eye to eye view. However, as it turns out, the backward images and person we see in a mirror is profoundly different from what is real. The backwardsness distorts not just our features, but the information in our faces and personalities as well. No wonder we see ourselves differently than others see us!

A True Mirror is surprisingly more than an amazing novelty. We are excited to promote as a new source of awareness and enlightenment.

The introspective use of the True Mirror can be an important boost towards your own self-awareness and greater self-esteem. This happens by knowing your actual image and expressions as you exist in real life, and as your are seen by everyone else.

In contrast, the incorrect view seen in a traditional mirror can be major source of self-doubt and self-criticism - simply because it is not the "real you" when your eyes meet in the mirror. How can you understand yourself, your emotions and your expressions when there is such distortion?

We've discovered some fascinating aspects of human nature that arise when people see their true appearance. Because it is very challenging to confront new information about one's self, the responses are usually very dramatic...some love it, some hate it, some see no difference, and some will not even look! But we feel its just a matter of time to become familiar with the new image, and most people will begin to prefer the new look. It is natural, after all.

Check out the following image for our "best of" comments sheet...the people who wrote these comments were floored by the amazing new, alive person they saw in the True Mirror!

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Click here for the full comments pages

We have been making and demonstrating these special, precision mirrors for many years (since 1992!) -- and we've got a lot to say about them! To learn more about True Mirrors and why they should be so different,
click here - more info!

In New York City? Where to see a True Mirror

In addition to this amazing new mirror, the Mr. Walter and sister Catherine Walter developed the Hair Part Theory©, which says that hair parts affect perceptions and personalities. For full information click here: hpttmc.asp.

Here is a great story about the True Mirror as told by Stanford Storytelling Project

Episode 402 (move to story 2): Seeing ourselves
Direct MP3: I was totally blown away by the craftsmanship and sheer imagination of design that inspire the creation of these mirrors! John does a top-notch job turning what was once a novel idea into a must-see reality! Whether an individual or a progressive business owner, I would highly recommend these mirrors for the purpose of understanding how one is perceived by the larger world and as a unique and accurate tool in the interest of altering one's own appearance
Noah V., AZ

I will never forget that day, many years ago, on park av south at 21. You were having people take a look as they walked down the street; how frightened I was to look and view what others saw and when I looked I was truly surprised to see an attractive man. that was a very nice day -- Marc C., NY

"I have my True Mirror in a special place, isolated amidst all the clutter of my life. I try, when showing people around, to make sure that each person who visits gets a chance to spend some time alone with it. For me, my time with this mirror is always fresh, provocative and entertaining - I could go on at length, but it MUST be seen and experienced first hand." - Jay Maisel, photographer

"Why are my eyes shiny in this mirror but not in that one?" - Molly, when first seeing a True Mirror (5 yrs old)

"The experience I had with the mirror was incredibly meaningful to me. I had never believed what people said they saw in me until then. I'd had a long and difficult year between trips to the Playa but I have felt regenerated since I got back, and your mirrors had a lot to do with it."
- Warren F.

I have lost my doppelganger, now I will have to meet me all over again! 5 out of 4 - Awesome! - Chris, at a festival

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Ordering information for True Mirrors:

We are finally able to produce and sell the full length and 18x18 wood models -they are gorgeous and amazing in the larger images! The optics, which are so critical, are finally correct, and the ability to keep the True Mirror in alignment has been fixed.

There are 8 18x18s that are now available, click ordering page for details. Unfortunately all of the full length ones have been sold! Next run will be in late July.

At the same time, we are in stock for 12x12 True Mirrors in 5 colors! For current ship windows, please visit our ordering page

Upcoming Shows
One of the most intriguing aspects of the True Mirror is how many different kinds of places will find it an amazing experience - this year we are taking the True Mirror on the road. Stay tuned - we are working on our exhibiting list for summer and fall.

True Mirrors/Hair Part Theory was on NPR's RadioLab!

NPR's Radiolab and Jad Abumrad interviewed founder John Walter on his theories about Hair Parts and True Mirrors as part of the show about Symmetry. Along with cohost Robert Krulwich, they put together a fascinating show called "Desperatly Seeking Symmetry", which explores our natural desire for symmetry, and yet finding that its pretty hard to find out there. The Hair Part Theory, and mirror images figured in a big section and was a lot of fun to listen to. In fact, they took the show on the road, playing to full houses in NYC, Los Angeles and Seattle.

The show was recently broadcast in early April and may rebroadcast in your area over the next month. However, if you want to hear it now, they are podcasting it at the following address: Desperately Seeking Symmetry (full show)

Mirror Mirror segment of the show: (we are about 1/3 of the way in).

Where to see the True Mirror:

We are frequently adding new places for you to see the True Mirror - here is a partial list and if you have a True Mirror in a public Place, please let us know so we can send people to see it!

New York

Chelsea Guitars

224 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-4993
Check out a True Mirror - on sale too!

SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 45th Ave in
Portland, OR
Check out their amazing floatation tanks and then see your peaceful beauty in the True Mirror! On Sale here too!