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    December 23, 2000
    Contact: Catherine Walter
    VP, Operations
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The Real Reason Why Gore Lost the Election!!!

The Real Reason Gore Lost the Election!!

What sounds somewhat silly and inconsequential is actually quite influential in the development of a man's sense of self and in his placement within the social environment: his hair part choice.

Forget Florida - in this presidential election, although Vice-President Gore should have won easily by a large margin around the country, he struggled and failed, for no apparent reason except he didn't "seem" presidential and wasn't an "alpha male". This criticism came consistently from his supporters as well as from his detractors.

Only 3 out of 43 (or 6.97%) American presidents had an unchanged right hair part. These were James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding and Ronald W. Reagan, and these three were given some of the worst rankings in presidential history (Ridings and McIver; Rating the Presidents, 1997).

Why is this so? We believe the reason is found in our Hair Part Theory©. When a person has a defined hair part, they are drawing subconscious attention of the viewer to the activities on that side of the brain. Left-brain activities are traditionally attributed to masculinity and right-brain activities are traditionally attributed to femininity. Therefore, a man who parts his hair on the right, and who is striving for positive assessment in a traditionally male role is at risk for having a negative or confused response from viewers, whereas a man with a left part is much more likely to inspire confidence as a leader.

In addition, over time, consistent social response can affect a man's personality. A right-parting man often develops stilted and uneasy social skills, while a left-parting man usually moves smoothly through the crowds.

We find this to be fascinating data as well as an intriguing story, and we hope you do also. For more information about the Hair Part Theory or about the True Mirror® (the world's only mirror that shows you as others see you), please visit our website at www.truemirror.com. Full statistical data of our presidential history and of the 104th Congress is also available upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration!